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I initially reached out to Vanessa because I was ready to make a change in my diet and exercise habits, but didn’t know where to start. My goals were to feel better, build muscle, and improve my fitness level and overall health. I have enjoyed everything about my experience training with Vanessa. She is kind, motivating, and extremely understanding.

I have been working with her in a personal training capacity and have found my programs have been challenging, and have evolved as I make progress each month. My results have been steady and sustainable. I have been able to enjoy my summer and all the fun events that come with it, focusing on “progress over perfection”.

I have found that eating better doesn’t have to be daunting, and can be simple. I will continue with small lessons that make a big difference – like focusing on protein sources with my meals and snacks, trying to stay hydrated, and ensuring I take the time to eat consistently throughout the day. I hope to continue to get better at adding exercise to each day, because even a little bit is better than nothing and contributes to improving my health and lifestyle.